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What we're up to in 2022

we are focussed!

Emerging from two years of lockdowns and restrictions, Saint Paul's is focussing this year on:

'Celebrating Jesus and building Community'.

As a leadership team, we have been investing in connecting people to God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Connecting people to one another and connecting to the needs of our local community in contextual ways.

We value deeply:


  • The Gospel (Changed lives)

  • Relationships (People)

  • Boronia & Beyond (Outward face)

  • Discipleship (Growing in faith, hope and love)

  • Intergenerational Community (Deep relationships)

  • Pastoral Care

our leadership:

Senior Minister Vaughn Spring
Simon Chamberlain - Youth Minister
Simon Chamberlain - Youth Minister

Vaughn Spring
Lead Pastor

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Chris Barras

Intergen Minister

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Youth Leader

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Vicar's warden Robin Joseph
Peter Chamberlain - Warden
Peter Chamberlain - Warden

Vicar's Warden

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Jenny D

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Contact Wardens

Peter Chamberlain - Warden
Texa our compliance officer

Office Administrator

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Compliance Officer

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